I've started Seeking Beauty because I am committed to finding beauty within the messy, daily life. And hey, if you are on the same journey please come and join me!

It has always been my dream to write a book one day. Funny when that dream suddenly comes true.



Even though I hold an engineering degree that's not what I mean. You knew that right?! I'm specialized in finding beauty in every situation and every season. It's not what I chose, it chose me! Life wasn't always what I hoped it would be, but I've learned that every day can be a perfect day.

Today is the perfect day to write. It's the perfect day to give something back to the world. It's the perfect day to dream about the future. To let go of thoughts. It's a perfect day for Chili and to be right with my story.

Do you want your copy of my new book now?

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Oh, I love reading good stories. Personal stories, real and unfiltered stories. Stories that tell of the goodness and the unmerited favor of God. Seeking Beauty is my story. A story about moving forward despite all circumstances.


I know that you have a story, too. My dream is, that we will grow stronger togetherHop on board and journey with me. Let me know how you are doing by leaving me a message. 

 Story Telling is my thing


For the longest time, I've been searching for a home. A place that I could come to, kick my shoes off, and feel safe right away. A house or an apartment I would stay in for possibly longer than 3 years in a row. I was longing for consistency, but wasn't willing to compromise because I had some big dreams.

Hey you, out there: I am glad I dreamed BIG!

Sometimes we need to travel for a while to understand that HOME is not a place. Home is where you are truly being understood! I hope that you have found that place already.

And if not, I will keep praying that you will!

Where you are truly being understood.



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