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The Conquer Kit – 4 Quick Steps To Get Your Thoughts Under Control

Did you know that you don’t have to think what falls into your head?

I’ve been thinking about thoughts a lot lately. Sounds strange? It is a little bit.

My husband and I are in an ongoing conversation about how we can grow as a couple, enhance our communication, and simply make life more fun. We are both what you’d call deep thinkers. If you are just like us, you might be wondering at times if you are highly intelligent or just insane. :)

The truth is probably be found somewhere in between. Honestly: Overthinking has never helped anyone. In your mind, you are building an eight-lane motorway by thinking that one single thought again and again. If you feel like this, try the following:

1. Put a note where you can see it daily and write on it: Thoughts are powerful, and they will determine my future. Put it on the fridge, in your wardrobe, on your mirror, you decide. Choose a place where you will definitely see it every single day.

I am sure you know it by now because you have experienced it: You can think yourself into a mess or into success. Maybe, since you are reading this, you have managed to drive yourself successfully into the mess ;) Now it’s time to turn around, and change direction.

It is hard to get your mind under control, so you need to guard yourself. But you are a warrior and you can do it. Positive thinking doesn’t just happen – it’s a choice.

2. Think purposefully. Meditate on a thought every day for a week. Therapists and the Bible teach us this method alike. If you meditate on something, it becomes a part of you. I had to learn this recently when I kept asking myself the same question again and again without finding an answer. I had to learn that “I don’t have to decide this now” is actually an appropriate answer – and it's probably the only answer that leaves me with peace. It was hard, but I said it to myself, and began to believe it: “I don’t have to decide this right now.”

3. Don’t look at what you can not do, look at what you can do. So many times we look at what we are not good at. We look at our failures and our problems, and we remember the people who hurt us the most. But how do these thoughts serve us? They are not helpful at all. We do not always have the solution to a problem immediately, and we often get caught in the reflection of our problems. It is much better to just leave those things for now and to move to the next. Get yourself together, and remember what you are good at. Who is a friend, you are thankful for? What brings you joy? Write those things down, and meditate on them for a while.

4. Avoid your triggers, and allow yourself to rest. We tend to bring ourselves again and again into situations that are not good and healthy at that moment. We keep on seeing the person who hurt us and we get hurt again and again. We go to the places that stress us out. We do the work that is ruining our health. Get time out. Do yourself a favor and stop. Rest. Do something different today. See someone you haven’t met in a while. Talk about things that energize you. Get a new perspective on things. And breathe.

It is so easy to think about the same thing again and again. But remember: Thoughts are powerful, and they will determine your future. You are in control. You are strong, and you got this. Say it out loud: “I am strong, and I got this.” Done? Great. I am proud of you. And now go out and encourage someone, you’ve never met before.

Have a wonderful day!

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