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Could he be the one?

I dedicate this post to a dear friend of mine who told me a hilarious story. Shockingly every word of it is true and even though we were laughing about it, it’s still…

Well, I find it hard to believe that we girls can be so crazy.

This is not for the married ones among us. Not for the ones who have found their boo, their BFFs, their prince on the horse. I know, I know: I am married. But I have dated, kind of - dated, met a lot of very “interesting” men before I found the one. So I approve of myself as “worthy” of writing this text. My dating past – Nothing I am proud of. Just being real here. Don’t send angry Emails.

So, my friend, let’s call her Didi, for now, sent me a voice note a few weeks ago. You must know that she is 30something, single, creative, intelligent and smart. She is independent and hard working. A beautiful woman, inside and outside, a believer and simply: A stunner! – And she permitted me to share this.

Anyways. So she sent me a voice note telling me that she’s met this guy (aha) and that they have been meeting up several times (aha) and that she really enjoys his company (ahhha?), BUT that he is no believer (hmmm). AND that she doesn’t think he is the ONE (ok?), but that he is REALLY nice (oh no!!!).

So far, so good. I am sure many of us have been in similar situations. We meet someone, we talk a little and he is somewhat entertaining, kind of smart and in a way good looking. Altogether: We do not experience love at first sight. But it’s nice to get to know him, to chat, to spend time together. While you are talking, you are scanning him again and again. You are not sure if you share the same values and there is something about him that you do not really like, but at the same time, you do not disapprove “it", so you keep on meeting up. Yeah? Right, ok. Back to my friend.

“I know I shouldn’t get into this,” she said a few weeks back. I agreed. Simply because she is my friend and obviously she has made up her mind and is mature enough to decide what’s good for her (aha?).

Weeks go by and we are meeting up. She starts by saying:

“ I don’t want to talk about him,” (ok, let’s not talk about him), “but….” (oh no). “I really don’t like the way he talks. He uses the “f”-word a lot!” (hmmm, sounds like a lovely man).

I give her a look, my eyebrow raised.

“And even when he compliments me he uses the “f”-word" (big eyes!).

Didi goes on: “And when another woman walks by, he turns around and watches her as she walks off” (impressive behaviour of a true gentleman).

“He also swears when he is driving” (why are you driving in the same car?). “And he finished a bottle of wine in two days in a row when I was just having water” (why are you seeing him two days in a row, and why are you meeting someone who enjoys drinking if you don’t ?).

“He has lost his job, but he's putting plastic figures together as a business now” (impressive). “He has some other jobs as well” (I bet they are interesting), “and…”.

I interrupt: “Can I see a photo? How old is he?”.

Didi shows me his Social Media account. I give her another look: “He could be your father!” She nods. “Yeah, he actually is a father,” (okayyyyyy) “and what I really don’t like is, who he follows on Social Media and what he likes!” (I have a vivid imagination).

I begin stalking him and find a great variety of boobs-and-bums-pictures he liked. I also find a few half-naked pictures of him, one in which he looks like he is wearing diapers. I have seen enough. “He is not even hot! And he is wearing diapers!!!”

“Yeah, that was just a shooting for…”

I’m not listening any longer. My friend must have lost her mind.

“So, do you think he could be the one?”

“Gosh, no! He is not right for me!”

“Why are you still seeing him then?”

“I don’t know. What’s wrong with me?”

“You are desperate!” “Probably!”

“Okay, from now on, I will message you every single day and remind you that that guy is ugly, mannerless, contemptuous of women, wearing diapers on Social Media and that you deserve better!”

“Yes, please. That’s what I need. Tell me that I am crazy, so I won’t forget.”

You are welcome!

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