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This makes the decision easier for you!

As a couple, we find it particularly difficult to make decisions. Some people find making decisions easier than others. And when you have to jointly decide on something important, things can get really hot.

Which side do you personally represent? Team "Decisive" or team "Better think twice”?

I personally am one of those people who enjoy making decisions. But that's partly because I've already taken many risks in my life and usually walked out of the situation feeling happy. But at times it was extremely difficult for me to decide.

Here are three tips I found recently that have inspired me. These tips are of course not only for couples:

  • How we treat others matters in the middle of making hard decisions. It’s not just about the decision-making itself. It’s about loving God and loving others as we make that decision. It’s not about the decision in front of us; it’s about the souls in front of us.

  • Take time to slow down. Resist the urge to act. Instead, come quietly before God to listen. Bring your choices in front of Him and look to HIs goodness and character to lead, guide, restore, comfort, and prepare provisions for you.

  • When we stop trying to manage the opinions of others, many decisions become clear. How God designed YOU is the big deal in making a decision. You must consider your personal strengths and your areas of struggle.

What do you think which tip might help you today to get closer to your decision?

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