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The Secret of Contentment

If you are unsure if you are in the right place, at the right time and if you are in the center of God's will or not...I'm sorry. I've been there. But there is a secret, that can only be found in contentment.

I don't like myself and what I do.

How often do we want to be where we are not.

We want to be who we are not.

And sometimes we don’t even want to be with people we are with.

But how will we ever become content if we are not content with where we are right now, who we are and who we are with? Do we really believe that God can use someone who is constantly complaining? And – gosh – how do we dare to believe that we can trust our own will, when it changes constantly as situations get uncomfortable?

Sometimes we get stuck in the in-between-sphere. It’s that space-time continuum in which our emotions and expectations don’t seem to meet at all and that leads to frustration.

We want to move, but we don't know where. We know where to move, but we don't have the money. God has called us to do this or that, but the people around us don't approve us.

Hi, God. I think you've made a mistake.

Are we actually saying: "God, you've made a mistake. I am in the wrong place, with the wrong people and actually: Why did you make me this way and not... taller, richer, more intelligent, dumber, funnier, gentler. WHY, GOD?"

Well, sometimes I can imagine God sitting in his most comfortable chair (which must be huuuuuuge by the way. Why do I not have such a chair???), watching his kids thinking: "You ask me why?"

Let me encourage you for a second: You are not stuck. You are on the move.

And today is the day when God wants to remind you, that He doesn't make mistakes. He places us. He promotes us (or He doesn't). He teaches us. And He holds it all together when all we see is, that everything we wanted, is falling apart.

I am asking you: "Why not?"

Why not embracing the season you are in?

Why not making the most out of it?

Why not embracing the process?

Why not loving the unlovable?

Why not speaking up?

Why not trusting in a good future?

Why not standing firm in the fight?

Why not reading His Word, changing our mindsets – instead of asking God to

change His!

Why not now?

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