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How a Girl Proves to Everyone That Even Big Problems Can be Solved

"If one woman can change her world, imagine what a company of women could do." Bobbie Houston, Global Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church

Gitanjali Rao

When activists in Flint (Michigan, USA) drew global attention to the water crisis there, Gitanjali Rao, developed a tool that allowed millions of people to simply check the water quality at home for themselves. She had no idea she would become part of a larger movement - a movement initiated by a young girl. People who wanted to help were brought together and could make a difference collectively.

When I read about this girl today, I got highly inspired to make better use of my God given gifts.

Watch her story:

"I think as a scientist you're like a superhero because superheroes want to save people and do what's best for society. Scientists do exactly the same thing." Gitanjali Rao

Gitanjali Rao is now thirteen years old. When the Zika virus broke out, she delved into new genome editing techniques that could help combat the spread of the disease.

When Malaysia Airlines flight 370 disappeared from radar when flying over the Indian Ocean, she was busy building a better flight recorder for the Black Box.

And when she heard that students at her school were being bullied in the social media, she developed an app to detect and monitor cyberbullying.

Once Gitanjali Rao focuses on a problem, she rarely lets go before she has solved it.

I wonder how good I am, when it comes to problem solving. And I know one thing for sure: I want to bring change. I can't imagine how anyone passes a problem that they know they can fix and doesn't fix it. There is always a point, where we must stop talking and start doing.

Gitanjali Rao

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