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Life is not always perfect.

Not everything in life is always perfect. We know that. We feel that. And we try with all our strength to prevent it from staying that way. There should still be room for improvement. Life could be a little more beautiful, a little healthier, a little more adventurous, a little safer. At least that's how it is for me.

Yes, sure: I like to compare myself too. At the end of my thirties, this can be a normal part of life. Every now and then I ask myself whether I am young or old. Whether I have achieved what I wanted to achieve - and what I should achieve. I could actually be a little richer, I think!

And I'm secretly convinced that everyone else my age has their life under control. That is also true, isn't it?

And then suddenly I remember my neighbor who often goes with her stroller up and down the street - mostly alone. I wonder if that's what she wanted?

My girlfriend who posts about her successes at the gym - I wonder if she still throws up in the evening after dinner?

I switch off when I see ads - on TV (okay, I don't have a TV anymore), in magazines (all subscriptions are cancelled) and online (am I online too much?). I don't want to see that: That which suggests to me that it makes my life even better - or "could do" my life better! And exactly this spleen should somehow make me a better person. Links 2.0, Sustainability and Eco. Diaper free, organic porridge - Ayayay!

"You can sell anything to us moms, we would buy it!" said a midwife in the birth house. That's also true. Only the best for the baby. A little bit of flourish here, a little cuddle there. Some people say that it should only be handy: a baby carriage is a must, carrying it is not good for the back. I see!

And we Zache's, we are vegans. Only to 90%, but nevertheless. Why is that actually so? At the beginning we wanted to improve our CO2 footprint: The cows, which are bred for us, fart too much! Then we also felt sorry for the poor animals that get impregnated in order to be milked. Their children are taken away from them so that they do not drink the milk away. "What kind of world do we actually live in?" we sometimes ask ourselves. I should not eat sugar either. I have an intolerance to just about anything that's fun - food-wise now.

What, am I really a killjoy?After all, we expelled the neighbors from their balcony above our bedroom at 2 a.m. last night because they were too loud. Because the child was supposed to sleep, of course. But maybe we'd like to sit outside and be loud, disturb the neighbors, and have no problem with it - we'll have fun!

Everything should be a bit more perfect, also this blog post. Isn't it a bit negative? Shouldn't I be a bit more practical, so that my readers have an "extra value" from it?

I think I'll feed the little perfectionist in me a little chocolate first!

There is no such thing as the perfect life. But there is the beautiful life. The life that is filled with gratitude. Gratitude for having the choice, for TV's, stroller, baby carrier and vegan recipes. Cows, milk and chocolate. Gyms and balconies, beds and statistics on CO2 emissions (aka education). Cloth diapers, disposable diapers, diaper-free and canned porridge.

As well as free blog articles.

What are you grateful for today?

Have a nice day!

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