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The Secret Sauce To Success!

One of my favourite authors of all times says: “As long as I keep learning, I will continue to have something to say.” (John Maxwell)

Life-long learning is not only the secret sauce to success, it is also the beginning of long-lasting relationships. So, if learning isn't your thing, I might change your mind!

If you are looking for some input on how to start a successful business, this post is not for you. Right here, right now, I am writing a piece on successful relationships. I believe good relationships are key in all areas of life: Also business. So, you might want to continue reading.

Learning to Get Going

I can’t claim to have it all together. I am only 30something. But I had several opportunities to get up again, when life and people got me down.

Are you ready? Let's go!

1. Growth keeps your spirit fresh

Have you ever met a person who is stagnant in their ways? Someone who thinks they know it all? Someone who isn't really interested in changing: "Ah, I am good the way I am, thanks." Ouch. It's nice to just know such people on the surface level. You can still run. But if you are stuck in a relationship with them, there is not much room for feedback and relational progress.

Those kinds of people don’t give space for growth. Often they are not even able to take the blame for their own mistakes. If something goes wrong, it must be someone else fault. It is so hard to connect with them.

Sadly, often those people struggle to forgive others - simply because they have never learned to forgive themselves and to learn from their mistakes without bashing themselves.

If we forgive others and ourselves, and if we are willing to accept that life includes life-long learning for everyone, we will keep our child-like spirit and walk through life with a smile on our face.

2. We all make mistakes

If you haven’t made one recently, you are probably close to making one. It's natural. It's part of life with others.

Whether in the area of family life, education, work, friendship or church: We aren’t perfect and therefore we make mistakes. The questions is, if we have the ability to learn and to apply the lesson we’ve learned.

I personally love to journal. It's a great way to reflect on God's promises and the lessons I've learned. God is all about relationships and the Bible is the ultimate guideline for successful connections.

A lesson learned is sometimes not enough though. Yep, there are days when we must face it: We need to apologise to someone. And that is ok. Be a big girl and go for it.

What a blessing it is to be surrounded by people who are willing to take advise. It is easy to be with people, who are confident in who they are and whose they are: people who always decide to try again and not to take offence. I hope, you and I are those people, saying: "I want to try again. Thanks for your feedback."

3. Are you a person of second chances?

How good is it that God is a God of second chances? After seeing His people fail over and over and over again, he decides to give his people a second (third, fourth,...) chance.

He even changes His testament and the course of history. That is BIG. That is LOVE.

Love says: Try again. I believe in you.

Are you generous, when it comes to giving others a second chance? I believe, mercy and teachability should walk hand in hand.

It takes the right timing and the right words to educate people, that they have hurt us or failed, and to help them to learn and grow.

But never forget that a spirit of second chances goes a long way – and exactly this spirit should walk before you.

4. God's people lead by example

As the Body of Christ we are the representation of God's love. We are made in His image.

The Bible tells us, that only fools despise wisdom and instruction but those who seek wisdom will find it and gain success. Their course is guarded by the living God.

We have a God-given responsibility to show the world that love has a face and hands and feet. Are you ready for a journey of life-long learning?

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