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Welcome on Stage!

We know that worship is more than singing songs. But what does it actually mean to live a life of worship?

The other morning I woke up and had my quiet time – as you do. God said to me: "You are on stage. Now!"

I was still in my pyjamas (or what I call pyjamas). You should have seen my face.

Being aware

Imagine heaven and the whole earth are watching you. Like someone would turn on the big screen and be like: "Guys, hurry. Shiloh is on. It's awesome!!!“

I don't know, if it would be awesome – but it would definitely be entertaining. And sometimes probably even scary. Ask Philipp.

I want to be honest: There are a few situations when I think to myself that it would the perfect moment for the whole world to see me. For example, when I come from the hairdresser or I am wearing my new dress. Maybe after I've spent 4 hours with the Lord in the morning (I'm not weird, it actually does happen quite often).

You know what I mean.

But on this particular morning, I didn't feel ready to stand on stage for anyone. I wasn't even ready to greet the birds. Sometimes I'm just not a morning person.

And the Lord said: “Now it’s the time. I want you to be ready. I want you to be ready and prepared. You are on stage. I am watching you.“

Who is watching?

I once read a book called: "Who are you when no-one is watching?" Sometimes I wonder if people know how boring I can be. People know the enthusiastic me. The energetic me. And I like that. But that is not who I am. I mean, not completely. I can be moody and ugly, yet God still loves me.

This goes out to all the worship leaders. This goes out to all the leaders. This goes out to you.

What does #worship mean to you?

What does worship mean to me?

No question, I love God, I love to see people worshiping God. Worship connects people. It unifies people.

When we speak about worship in church, we usually have a common understanding, a common language that defines what worship is. Normally worship means having a set of songs that the band would play before the preacher comes on stage. We sing songs to God.

Advanced Christians might say: Worship is not only singing songs, it’s a lifestyle. Well done, A+. You may be seated.

Have you ever noticed: Worship changes the atmosphere. I believe that all acts of worship change the atmosphere.

Whether it’s singing songs or living our lives. We set the #atmosphere wherever we go.

When we walk through the door of our supermarket, the atmosphere changes.

When we walk into the church building on Sunday and we say „Hello“ to a stranger with a smile on your face, the atmosphere changes.

When we encourage the speaker on stage, the atmosphere changes. When we engage in praise and worship (music), the atmosphere changes.

Set the atmosphere

Before I get up in the morning, I check how I am feeling and if I am expectant for the day. I lie still for a moment to hear God speak, telling me what to expect for the day.

I don’t know about you, but I have decided to wake up with a worship song in the morning. My alarm is not a crazy, sharp, high-pitched sound. It’s a calm, gentle, soft worship song that reminds me of who I believe in.

I have made the decision to set the atmosphere in the early morning.

Worship leaders:

We are on stage.

Worship is warfare.

We change the atmosphere.

And in this atmosphere, people are able to (and will) meet God.

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