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Would you?

If your story could change the life of an 82-year-old woman, would you tell it?

I went to the 6th grade of high school, but I had little knowledge of politics and history. I had a friend whom I liked to visit because her parents were teachers and artists. In her house, a lot of emphasis was put on education, and I always felt a bit cleverer when I visited the family. My friend had an older brother, with broad shoulders and shoulder-length brown hair. I found him incredibly cute!

One day my girlfriend opened up to me: "My brother got a scholarship. He gets to go to South Africa and meet Nelson Mandela!" I looked at her with big eyes, pretending that I knew what she was talking about. South Africa, I knew, was quite far away. But who was this Nelson Mandela?

Many years later, when I lived in South Africa, I had to think back and laugh. Without a doubt, I now knew who Nelson Mandela was, and yes: South Africa is quite a long way from Germany!

And now, back to my question: Would you tell your story?

One of my favourite biographies is that of Nelson Mandela. Hardly any other personality has impressed me as much and awakened in me the desire to make a difference in this world as he did. But also the many other biographies I read over the years have shaped and impressed me!

Yesterday evening one of my best friends told me that he talked on the phone for an hour with an 82-year-old woman. She had read my book and was deeply touched: "This book comes at just the right time," she said. Never in my life did I think that an old woman would ever read my story. My hope is that it will allow her to meet her creator.

If your story could change my life or that of an old lady, would you share it?

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