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I believe in the power of YOUR story. That's the reason why I wrote down mine!

I used to believe that I have to accept that life is just the way it is – and that I simply have to fit in at any price. I dreamed about being different, but then the path I chose didn’t turn out as hoped and planned – and I decided in my heart that it must be so because the others are right in their way of living. 


The truth is: There is not just one way of living! Life is neither black nor white. 

It is colourful and very different from what was planned. Occasionally it can take unexpected twists and turns.


In Seeking Beauty, I share about the many unplanned events of my life and how my relationship with God finally helped me understand: I am wonderfully made! I can be different because I have been through different experiences than other people. This realization was probably the most crucial step towards the healing of my heart. 

What is your story? Are you ready to share it? 

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